5 Most Essential Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bidet/ Bidet Attachment

Before you go out and purchase your first bidet, there are five most essential factors you need to consider. The price of a bidet varies, and it isn’t easy to select the best one in the first instance.

In order to find the right bidet, you will need to do your research since some of these are quite expensive. Therefore, I will summarize the top five most essential factors before buying your first bidet.

Electric or Manual Bidet

When it comes to bidets, there are generally two types you can choose from. Bidets come in 2 types-electronic and manual.

Manual bidets are, of course, more affordable than electronic bidets. Although they are cheaper than electronic bidets, they lack a number of features that you would like in electronic bidets. In other words, a manual bidet is going to be cheaper, but it is not going to be able to heat up the water for you.

Many of these features we love seeing in bidets will not be present, such as the ability to control the water pressure, heated seats, etc. These features of bidets are not present in the manual models of bidets. It is actually a basic bidet with a few features. This will give you the temperature of the water pipes. For those in colder climates, this may not be an enjoyable experience. Using these non-electric bidets, you cannot control the water pressure.

Electric bidets have all the bells and whistles, the ability to control water pressure, heated seats, heated air, dryer, multiple nozzle positions, and all that good stuff. Therefore, you must take that into account when selecting one. If you choose a non-electronic bidet, you can save money, but you won’t get all of those luxury features. You have to decide how much luxury you want.

 Tank versus No-Tank

There are three types of electronic bidets in terms of water heating systems: tank bidet, tankleass bidet and hybrid bidet. Basically, tank bidets are equipped with a tank that fills a reservoir located at the back of the bidet with water. After this tank is filled with water, this is how it warms up the water. Firstly, the reservoir is filled, then heated, and finally sprayed out at a temperature selected by you. The amount of hot water you will receive depends on how much hot water is in the tank.

Compare this to tankless systems, which are more expensive. Tankless systems always provide hot water on demand. Every time you use the toilet, you will have hot water available. Now, this is continuous. You have constant hot water for as long as you like whenever you sit down. No tank needs to be refilled, so you have unlimited hot water.

In hybrid bidets the hybrid technology is the combination of a tankless water heater and an electric bidet seat. So how do they work?

Hybrid heating systems use both a small tank heater and a low-powered instant water heater. The advantage of this combination is that warm water is readily available from the get-go, thanks to the pre-heated water in the tank.

As the tank empty, the instant heater kicks in to sustain the supply of warm water. However, since the instant heater on a hybrid system is not very powerful, it may struggle to keep up with the water flow rate of the bidet seat. Consequently, the water temperature slowly drops as the wash cycle continues.

Size of the Bidet

No one would purchase a shirt if it did not fit. You would definitely buy a shirt that fits your size. There are two sizes of bidets to consider in the case of the bidet, the round, and the elongated versions. Whether you are looking at bidets online at Amazon or through a vendor, you will notice they have both round and elongated models that you can choose from. My bidet bidet installation guide already published, and where you will find your necessary information.

It would be best to look at your toilet before making any purchase. The size of the toilet you choose is crucial as it will dictate the type of toilet you should buy. As long as the bidet hangs over and does not fit properly, it will not be able to be used. This is why you ought to get a good fit before anything else.

Remote Control VS Not Remote Control Bidets

You can control a bidet with remote control at the touch of a button. The remote control is a plus because it allows you to control the bidet with the touch of your fingertips.

If you don’t have a remote control, the controls are likely built into the side panel of the bidet, so you must lean over to operate it. It is like leaning back and picking up toilet paper. No one likes to do that. Consider whether this is a must-have for you. You may find these luxury and affordable bidets that meets your dreams.

You can mount the remote on a wall. Others worry it will get dirty. Or what if you flush the remote by mistake? Mount it on the wall and keep it there. If you have kids, you may want to keep it higher up on the wall so they won’t grab and lose it. Once you lose the bidet remote, you’re out of luck.

Some bidets that come with a remote also have a limited number of buttons built into the bidet in case you lose the remote. You can still operate the basic features, so this is a very nice feature and the last and most important option to consider when choosing your bidet.


My research indicates that most bidets have a one to two-year warranty, with one year being very common, and one to two years is very common for bidets.

 A few offer a three-year warranty, which is very long.

 The last thing you want is to buy a bidet and have the same thing happen to you. In the event that your bidet breaks after one year, what happens if you only have a one-year warranty? This is an expensive item. A bidet like the Cascade 3,000 is expensive, costing about $899, depending on where you look.

 You are going to spend more money to fix a cheaper bidet if you buy one without a warranty or from a brand that’s not well known. A bidet is a mechanical device, so it is critical to keep in mind that things can break because of the mechanics, the moving parts, and things like that.  


The crux of the above discussion is that when you intend to buy a bidet or bidet attachment, you should consider all the abovementioned factors and determine your need and project your budget. Then, of course, the first thing you keep in mind is your bathroom’s size or the current toilet seat already placed there. So on you have to go through all your requirements and the 

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