Bidet and Bidet Converter Kit: -07 Essential facts you need to know.

Bidet and Bidet Converter Kit

There are a lot of people who just buy a bidet toilet or converter kit randomly. But many people even don’t know that they can convert their existing toilet in a bidet. Before going to discuss the essential facts of bidet lets here have a brief look into bidet conversion kits;

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What is bidet conversion kits.

A bidet converter kit is a device that allows you to convert a standard toilet into a bidet by attaching it to the existing toilet seat or toilet. The bidet conversion kit (bidet attachment) typically includes a nozzle that can be adjusted to spray water for cleaning the buttocks and genital area, as well as a control panel for adjusting the water pressure and temperature.

Some bidet conversion kits (bidet seats) may also include a drying feature, which uses warm air to dry the area after it has been washed.

The installation process for a bidet converter kit is typically straightforward and can be done by most homeowners with basic DIY skills.

The term “bidet conversion kit” encompasses bidet attachments, non-electric bidet seats, and electric bidet seats. here is a bit detail of each.

Bidet Attachment: A bidet attachment is an appliance that you can install under your existing seat. In this case, no other replacement is needed.  

Non-electric bidet seat: This is where the existing toilet seat is replaced with a bidet toilet seat, similar to an attachment.

Electric bidet seat: In this case, there are two options. Firstly, toilet seats are replaced with electric bidet seats, It offers many luxuries features that includes, warm water, heated seat, two or three nozzle spray option, temperature and pressure control etc.

Secondly, the existing toilet is replaced with bidet toilet combo seats (bidet + toilet) that give many extra features like warm water, deodorizer, warm seats, seat sensors,

handheld bidet sprayers. One more type of bidet converter kit, in which a handheld sprayer is installed next to the toilet. These are known as handheld bidets, bum guns, etc.

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While some people have many questions in their minds that prevent them from purchasing a bidet toilet or bidet conversion kit. 

I compiled the 7 essential facts about a bidet toilet or a bidet converter kit based on opinions expressed on different platforms.

It is common for people to have questions about the function of a bidet converter kit, so let me briefly explain what it is.

With the aid of a bidet converter kit, you can easily upgrade your current toilet seat into a bidet toilet seat with the capability of automatic washing, controlled temperature and pressure and very little effort and little installation knowledge.

As an alternative to a full bidet sink, bidet converter kits are a more cost-effective option. With a converter kit, it is possible to achieve nearly all the benefits of a full toilet bidet with the addition of a toilet seat. There are many benefits that you can derive from using a bidet in your bathroom.

The following are the 07 most essential facts about bidet and bidet converter kit.

07 Essential Facts you need to know about Bidet and Bidet Converter Kit

It is uncommon for Americans to have standalone bidets in their bathrooms, unlike many Europeans who have such a convenience. However, I believe that standalone bidets are becoming more and more popular for bathrooms. According to the latest figures, the sales of bidet converter kits in the United States increased nearly 20 percent in 2019.

2. Are bidets expensive?

You will have to spend upwards of a few thousand dollars if you wish to install a standalone bidet in your bathroom. In the meantime, a bidet convert kit that fits over your toilet seat in your bathroom is not that expensive. It can cost anywhere from $30 to a few hundred dollars.

If you think about the amount of money you spend on toilet paper annually, this is a big one for you. You would be able to save up to 80 percent or more of your expenditure on that item just by installing a bidet conversion kit. Additionally, bidets require less water as well.

You might not be aware of the fact, but toilets require the most water when it comes to residential water usage, as they consume more than showers, sinks, and lawn sprinklers combined. It’s estimated that 1.6 gallons of water are used for every toilet flush. The bidet conversion kit lets you flush less water than the toilet uses when it’s flushed, so you would barely notice the difference. 

3. How can I control the water temperature and pressure on a bidet converter kit?

The temperature, as well as the pressure of the water, can be easily controlled. With an electronic touchpad attached to the bidet seat, you can push a button, and the features will be controlled. Some of the bidet conversion kits also have a lever that you can move up and down to adjust the pressure of the water. By pushing the lever to the right and left, you are also able to adjust the temperature of the water according to your needs. 

4. Are there any health benefits to using a bidet converter kit?

It is a fact that pregnant women, individuals recovering from post-rectal surgery, and individuals suffering from hemorrhoids are already conversant with the benefits of having a bidet in the home. You can enjoy a healthier bathroom experience when you use a bidet, which means that you are removing bacteria that can result in infection, which makes you healthier as you are keeping your bathroom clean. Tissues are less effective than bidets when it comes to removing bacteria. 

5. How complicated are bidet converter kits to install? 

If you choose to go with a standalone bidet, you certainly have to bear the costs related to its installation. You must pay plumbing and electrical expenses to have the bidet installed.

The bidet converter kit is Easy to install and provides an excellent option to a standard bidet. But if you are only going to use a bidet attachment such as a bidet seat or handheld sprayer, it is effortless to install and provides an excellent alternative to a standard bidet. To be honest, nothing could be easier.

It usually takes around 30 minutes to set up, and then it’s done. It is effortless to move things around with the provided tools; all you have to do is just fit them in the right place. Therefore, it is not necessary to hire a plumber to install a bidet converter kit in your bathroom.

6. Would it be inappropriate to give someone a bidet converter kit for Christmas?

I would recommend a bidet conversion kit for your friends who are concerned about climate change as the best and most affordable gift you could give them. Imagine how many trees they will be able to save if they stop using toilet paper. Recent studies suggest that Americans use over 34 million toilet paper rolls per day, which is approximately 15 million trees per day.

 Considering how many trees are being cut down, how much water is being conserved, and the need for protecting Earth and its resources, a bidet converter is probably the most earth-friendly gift you can give. Some have said that the best way to save the world is to start at home, and although this is true, it may be that you can begin in the bathroom on a much broader scale. 

7. Is it worth it to buy bidet attachments?

In addition to saving water, a bidet also saves energy. For example, it has been estimated that Tushy’s bidet attachments will lower the use of toilet paper by 54 gallons per week due to reducing the use of toilet paper.


Bidets are a convenient and comfortable alternative to toilet paper. If you are concerned about saving the planet and making eco-friendly lifestyle changes, you should install a bidet converter kit to your toilet.

But suppose you will only use a bidet attachment such as a bidet seat or handheld sprayer. In that case, it is effortless to install and provides a good alternative to a standard bidet conversion kit that allows you to flush less water than what the toilet uses when it’s flushed, so you would barely notice the difference. Besides the health benefits, bidets are very eco-friendly and the best alternative to toilet paper. 

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