What is Bidet? A Brief Overview of the Types of Bidets.

Benefits of Bidet and Converter Kit

What Is Bidet exactly?

If you have just heard the name of a bidet, then keep on reading to know all about what is a bidet?

In simple words, bidet is a bathroom fixture made up of porcelain and is used to wash the bottom, after the use of toilet. A bidet is a ceramic bowl with a drain and water supply that helps you wash your genital and anal area.

It has all-in-one functions with flowing water that gives you hygienic cleansing. Bidet is the best alternative to toilet papers and it help you clean your private parts without using toilet paper, or reduce your toilet expense about 80%.

Alternatively, If cannot afford a bidet or bidet converter kit then, you can also have a bidet spray/bum gun that makes a stream of water that helps in cleansing.

If you reside in the United States, you may not be aware of the bidet. Because in the USA, bidets are slowly becoming an essential part of modern bathrooms 

Perhaps you are familiar with bidets if you are from a European country.

Bidets that are typically used in Europe are standalone bidets, which are similar to washbasins and installed next to the toilet seat. They are used following the use of toilet to wash to genitals’. 

A bidet toilet seat is the most advanced form of bidet, as it comes with many modern features. The bidet toilet seat is a two-in-one fixture, in which you can clean yourself while sitting on the toilet seat after using the toilet. 

Another advancement in the bidet toilet seat is the bidet attachment, this bidet attachment is attached with the existing toilet seat and work like a bidet toilet seat.  In addition to this, a hand held bidet (sprayer) is another option for adding a bidet to a toilet with water pressure, and they are also one of the most affordable bidet add-ons.

Bidets are excellent for those who want to make their home more eco-friendly and green by using less water. Bidets are known for reducing waste as well. By flushing the toilet from time to time, bidets cut down on your ‘household’s overall water consumption while also saving money on toilet paper.

What are the different types and functions of bidets?


There are many types of bidets. Below I will share a few versions of the bidet available in the market.

1. Standalone Bidet or Conventional Bidet:

Standalone bidet is also named as vertical spray bidet is the bathroom fixtures resembles a basin that is attached with wall or on a floor.. It requires a separate fixing.

This conventional bidet has temperature and pressure control taps that give warm, cold, and regular water with the desired pressure. Some of the bidets have a separate nozzle attached to them as well. They also have a stopper to let the basin fill with water, and then you can easily clean yourself.

Its installation is quite expensive because if dedicated plumbing is not installed in the bathroom for this type of bidet, it required extra expenses to install a separate plumbing for its installation.

The price of this type of bidet is almost in the range varies from $450 to $750, which includes top-rated brands like Kohler San Tropez price is about $730 and Toto BT500B Piedmont Bidet on Amazon.

The drawback of standalone bidets is that they cover much of your bathroom space and are not installed with your existing plumbing.

2. Bidet Conversion kits- Add-On Bidets:

Add-on bidets or bidet converter kits are the best option if you lack of space in your bathroom and want a bidet attachment with advanced functioning. The bidet seats and attachments have all the advanced functions and much more. But the most common functions is the cleaning nozzle.

These nozzles provide front and rare cleansing with a stream of water with totally hand-free operation. There are two types of bidets seats electric and non-electric. The electric bidets comes with most luxuries features and are operated mechanically, through remote, or electrically. The electric bidet seats have advanced features of temperature and pressure control.

Many bidet seats have an LED light attached to it witch helps to use the bidet in the dark. The warm seat and auto deodorizing function is also found in most of the advanced bidet Add-ons.

Many bidets have a remote with easy-to-read functions mentioned on it, and some contain sensors that give automatic and soft opening and closing of the lid.

In short, if you don’t want to replace a complete toilet and like all the advanced functions in your toilet seat, then Add-on bidets are the best choice. 

There are various add-on bidets in the market, including reliable options and expensive brands like Kohler and Toto. The bidet converter kit price start from $50 to $250 and bidet seats price range varies from around $170 to $700.
The disadvantages of bidet add-ons are that it takes time to install and some compatibility issues.

3. Bidet Toilet Combo Seats:

In simple words, a bidet toilet combo is a combination of a toilet and a bidet toilet seat to form one instead of two fixtures. It offers various advanced functions of cleaning massaging and drying, temperature controlled, warm water, warm seat, deodorizing and much more.

The bidet combos have all the advanced features in a single toilet.

Although the bidet combo installation is quite tricky, they are also a bit expensive. But it is a one-time investment that saves your money in many ways.

Bidet toilet combos are the future of toilets, and the future is already here. It is necessary for some people, while some use it as a luxury.

For anyone having limited mobility, a bidet toilet combo put an end to all the movements they may have needed to do, making their lives easy. To anyone who has a bit of cash, this is not something I would hesitate to recommend.

Bidet toilet combos are a one-off investment that can last for many years, and as they say, “Toilet paper does not remove everything”.

In terms of price you can find the best bidets combo with price here.

4. Handheld bidet or Health Faucet:

Handheld bidet or Bidet showers, also known as bidet sprays, bum gun or health faucets, are like a triggered nozzle you need to control by yourself. This handheld spray is much like your kitchen sink sprayer. It makes a stream of water which helps you clean your anal area and genitals after urination and defecation. This nozzle is not automatic, and you need to control it yourself. 

Bidet shower is common in countries where water is necessary for cleansing. in Muslim countries, it is found in almost every house; therefore, it is also called the “Muslim Shower.”

It is one of the reliable options if you want an affordable bidet attachment. It ranges from $80 to $120, and some of them include a warm water feature as well.

The drawbacks of bidet sprays may include wetting users’ clothes if used carelessly, and a person must be flexible and mobile to use this handheld bidet spray.

5. Portable Bidets:

The portable bidet, also known as a travelling bidet, is a small portable bottle with an angled or extended nozzle at the top for the spray function.

There usually are two types: non-electric portable bidet or portable electric bidet. The non-electric portable bidet is a bottle fusion with a nozzle and tube.

\You simply have to squeeze the bottle to achieve the spray water feature. The other type is a simpler add-on spout mount that you can screw onto an existing plastic water bottle to get your own volume.

The portable electric bidet is always a battery-powered type. It relieves your hand pressure on the squeezing bottle.

A portable bidet fits easily into your backpack, purse, suitcase, or car and allows you to enjoy the comfortable, refreshed feeling when you travel.

Significantly, many mothers wash or clean their babies with the wonderful portable bidet.                         

Using a portable bidet to wash your lower regions can be more comfortable and effective than toilet paper. Not only is portable bidet friendly to us, but also the environment. It changed our life. They provide more hygiene while travelling or if you are on a trip.

Your hands don’t come in close contact with fecal matter. It’s better, cleaner, more hygienic, and more comfortable than simply wiping down with a fair amount of toilet paper. They are also environmentally friendly. They provide conveniences for the women while travelling to maintain their hygiene.

Using a portable bidet to clean up yourself is a pleasant way during pregnancy, postpartum care, and menstruation. Wash with a gentle water stream for women’s daily personal hygiene is more convenient, healthier and helpful than wipes.

The portable bidet tends to be cheaper than the bidet attachment or toilet seat. It is simpler to travel with since they don’t require charging; you just squeeze the bottle and clean it yourself.


Nowadays, different bidet brands are introducing more advanced bidets having excellent features and everyday functioning. The bidet toilet and bidet attachments have multiple features that give you a more hygienic and refreshing experience.

These features make your bathing experience more luxurious and make it easy for people with less mobility to maintain their hygiene. These features are a spectacular invention that aids many senior citizens, disabled and pregnant women. Let’s give a look at the advanced and modern features of the bidet and see how worthy they are.

  • The bidets come with an advanced heated seat feature which provides comfort and ease while using the bidet seat in cold weather.
  • It also includes a self-cleaning nozzle that cleans your area and gives you a hands-free experience. Thus, helping you to stay more germ-free and hygienic.
  • Its pre-misting feature of the bowl makes it easy to flush and doesn’t let the mould to get stuck on the surface of the toilet.
  • Some of the most advanced bidets also contain an automatic air deodorizer (BB-2000) that keeps the air of your bathroom odor free.
  • The bidets also have an ambient lighting feature that gives an excellent look to your bathroom, especially at night and also guides you where the toilet is when it is needed to be used at night.
  • Some bidets also have a drying feature that dries out your skin after getting done. Thus, giving you a more hygienic and refreshing experience.
  • The bidets also have child settings on the remote, making it really easy for your kids to use and maintain their hygiene. It also protects from many harmful infection-causing germs.
  • The advanced automatic opening and closing of the lid add more luxury to your bathing experience. The lid automatically gets open when it senses your presence and closes after you get done with it.
  • The massaging water stream feature gives a pleasant massage, and also a strong enema wash helps you treat hemorrhoids.
  • The bidet feature also includes an oscillating water stream for front and back cleaning.

Now, when we got to know about the features of bidets then, these are the standard features found in most bidet toilets and bidet attachments. However, this varies according to the model. Obviously, every bidet and bidet attachment has its own features. If your bidet has all these features, then it’s like a whole car washing service you are giving to your lower body. These keep your skin clean and more hygienic.

Benefits You Can Enjoy After Having a Bidet.

1. Most Economical as compared to Tissue Paper

Toilet Paper is an essential part of our hygiene in our daily life. However, many people do not like how it feels something on their hands and sometimes their clothes. A Bidet converter kit is an alternative to ordinary toilet paper that can be used in bathrooms, cars, showers, offices, or any other areas where you want to wash your body without having to worry about wiping yourself down properly with toilet paper. In addition, these kits can save time and money because they allow you to avoid replacing toilet paper every day.

2. Price. 

In term of price, the budget and price factor is the paramount consideration for anyone while buying a new appliance. Such as Bidet. For someone, he just thinks about how much money he would have saved had he purchased an automatic washer/dryer instead of a manual model. If you really intend to buy a bidet. Then you can plan for it and save hundreds of dollars over several years by purchasing a bidet from one of many manufacturers that offer discounts to qualified customers. Thus, it is important to compare products carefully until you find the one that meets your needs.

3. Ease of Cleaning

 Bidets are convenient because they allow you to clean your body at once. In addition to cleaning your genitals and anal sphincters, it also eliminates germs (including bacteria). All of this contributes enormously to maintaining a healthy mind and body. 

4. Water Flush Technology

Bidets with flush-style technology are undoubtedly convenient for users who enjoy flushing their toilets after sitting down. As a result, your body waste flows away from the washroom area, allowing you to easily wash off the residue before leaving the house. Furthermore, since there will be nothing visible coming out, you won’t have to worry about exposing anyone else to your bodily secretions.

5. Cost-efficient 

 With a bidet, you can potentially save up to 70 percent on paper towels. Toilet paper can become scarce during a crisis. It is even more difficult to purchase toilet paper in situations such as snowstorms or pandemics.

6. Less clogged toilets 

Many people understand the frustration of a toilet that won’t flush properly after using it, especially if they used toilet paper afterward. Using a bidet after you use the toilet will prevent this situation.

7. Eco-friendly

A roll of toilet paper takes 1.5 pounds of wood to produce. Bathrooms with bidets are more environmentally friendly. By using them, you help to protect our planet.

8. Comfortable and gentler 

Bidets emit a gentle stream of water through a stream that allows you to clean your posterior without causing any anal fissures or hemorrhoids. The skin around the anus is susceptible


Many people don’t know that there are numerous bidets before deciding on one. It’s all dependent on the features you’d like as well as your budget and the size of your bathroom. Whichever kind of bidet you pick, you’ll be able to accept that it will help you save money over the long term. You will also be cleaner and, what’s more, important is that you support the environment, too.

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