How to use a handheld bidet sprayer-(installation, usage & Benefits)

Personal hygiene is crucial for every individual as it is one of the best ways to prevent getting any infectious diseases that are common nowadays.

A handheld bidet is a product that takes you closer to hygiene and convenience while using the toilet. It has various exceptional features that make it a stand-out toilet bidet. A handheld bidet provides a better replacement for toilet paper or expensive electric bidets.  

The handheld bidet is a product worth trying and considering for your use. In this article, you will be a composed guide on handheld bidets, how to use them, how to install them, and the pros and cons.

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What is a Handheld Bidet Sprayer? 

A bidet is a type of basin or sprayer that a person uses after using the bathroom to clean and wash. A bidet was most common in Europe, Asia, and America in the early days. But now, it is common in every part of the world. A bidet has a lot of variations, out of which the handheld bidet sprayer is one of the most popular ones.  

A handheld bidet is also referred to as a bidet sprayer or shower. It comprised with a hose and a nozzle that stays connected to your toilet that is manually placed and used. It is fixed in such a position that it helps you to clean your private area more conveniently and efficiently.

With a handheld bidet sprayer, you have the control to position the stream and the direction of the water. You can also control water pressure between mild, medium, and high. 

Handheld bidet ultimately eliminates the usage of toilet paper, which leads to the betterment of the environment and personal hygiene. A handheld bidet sprayer is a modern manual device that may take some time to get used to. But once you get a hold of it, there is no going back from using the best sprayer.  

How Do You Use a Handheld Bidet Sprayer? 

The handheld bidet sprayer is a relatively simple and easy product. But there is no doubt that it is an advanced tool with modern settings. Some people may find it hard to get used to a handheld bidet. Here is the guided list of steps on how to use the handheld bidet: 

  • First of all, you will locate the bidet next to the toilet. Then grab it; the handheld bidet will be either on a holder or hook.  
  • Now, you will open the shut-off valve, allowing the water to flow to the bidet sprayer.  
  • The handheld bidet technique is more of a personal choice. You can either enter it through the rear or the front of the seat. It merely depends on your comfort and flexibility.  
  • You will now press the trigger on the nozzle to start the water flow. It is important to aim the sprayer at a certain angle. It will help in effective cleaning and avoid any splash backs from the toilet. 

Having the right angle and pressure is difficult to pull off in the first go. So, you must keep learning about it before getting comfortable with it. There is no need to get discouraged. Just give yourself some time to get used to the bidet settings.  

How to Install a Handheld Bidet? 

The handheld bidet is a multi-purpose product as it is very useful for personal hygiene as well as other cleaning tasks. The installation of a handheld bidet is pretty simple and convenient. You just need to follow the steps below to install the handheld bidet sprayer all by yourself: 

Align all the tools 

You must first gather all the tools and equipment required in the installation process. You do not need a lot of stuff. Just grab a screwdriver, a towel to clean the splashing water, and a rubber cloth or rug, which will provide you with a firm grip.   

Unpacking the bidet 

Unpack the handheld bidet, and be careful as you do not want to lose any parts. By doing this, you will have everything in one place and do not have to rush every time you need something. 

Closing the water supply and Empty Water Tank

Shut off the supply line of water tank before installing bidet
Empty water tank before installing handheld bidet
attach the bidet sprayer head with flexible hose

Shut off the water supply of your toilet. Also, empty the water tank by flushing the toilet several times until you do not hear any rushing water filling the water tank. So, when you remove the hose, there will be no water splashing everywhere. Because if there is water everywhere, it will be difficult for you to install the bidet. 

Unscrew the water line

Now you will unscrew the water line from the base of the water tank. You must locate the position where the hose is attached to the toilet. It is good to have a bucket by your side if the water leaks. You can also use a rubber rug piece or jar gripper to hold the hose firmly. 

The T-valve attachment

T-valve attached with water tank

First, you will have to ensure that the O-ring/rubber washer is pointed accurately. You will either find the ring in the package or separately. Now attach the t-valve underneath the tank’s base and tighten it strongly, so there is no water leak. 

Threading the T-valve

Thread the T-valve onto the threaded point and tighten it with the gripper or with your hand. Ensure the T- valve on-off button is pointing outside where you can easily on and off it before tightening the T-valve. 

Connect the water line 

Attach the water supply line with T-valve

You will then connect the water line to the T-valve you just installed. It is vital to ensure that the water line is closed at this point so that you do not get a powerful burst of water after connecting. 

Attach the sprayer hose with T-valve 

Attach the flexible pipe with T-Valve

Now you attach the sprayer hose to the inside of the T-valve. Make sure to tighten the hose perfectly to avoid any loose connection. 

Install Sprayer Holder 

Install the handheld bidet holder
install the bidet sprayer holder

Install the sprayer holder on the wall or the side of the toilet tank. If the longer hose, the sprayer is better installed on the wall. And if the hose is short, go for the toilet tank for easy hold. 

Plugging and testing 

Open the Water supply and test Handheld bidet
Plug and test your bidet sprayer

Plug in the bidet, and you will have to wait about 2 minutes for the tank to fill. Lastly, you will test the sprayer to check for any leaks or loose attachments.  

Simple as that, your handheld bidet is ready to use. You need to follow the manufactures instructions and guidelines for maintenance and further operations.  

Handheld bidet vs. wet wipes 

The debate between using a handheld bidet and wet wipes has been around for a while. People are in chaos as to what to use and to decide which a more efficient solution is. After all, why would someone go for a technical hygiene device with a high price tag when there are cheaper solutions available?  

The Efficiency Between Wet Wipes and Handheld Bidets  

Both the bidet and wet wipes are efficient in one way or the other. However, bidets have a little edge as they offer more benefits to the user than toilet paper or wet wipes.  

Cost Comparison 

Concerning cost, it will be pretty shocking that bidet sprayers are a cheaper investment than wet wipes. You only buy a bidet once, while you have to buy wet wipes every other week, which is a big deal. So, the bidet will be more efficient and better in terms of money than wet wipes.  


More overly, the bidet is far more hygienic than wet wipes. Just like toilet paper, wet wipes are also not the ultimate hygiene experience when used after the toilet. So, people prefer installing bidet to going through all the hassle with the wipes.  

Better plumbing system  

Wet wipes are a nightmare for your plumbing system. They are usually made up of plant materials, but they are thick and double-layered, so wipes do not dissolve. Even if you do routine pumping, you will still be unable to avoid plumbing failure and disaster. Therefore, a bidet is a much better option for saving money and long-term hassle for plumbing repairs.  

Antimicrobial properties  

Lastly, bidets are much better and clean products as they do not contain any chemicals, additives, or harsh fragrances. On the other hand, wet wipes are soaked in huge amounts of added chemicals and strong fragrances. 

Research has shown that the wipes’ chemicals caused plumbing issues as the bacteria in wastewater treatment get impacted by the chemicals. 

The chemicals are also not good for human health as they can cause drying in that region of eth body and bacterial infections as well. So, the handheld bidet is a better option than wet wipes. The bidet uses an antimicrobial solution that keeps the wand clean and tidy without causing any problems.  

From these points, it is quite clear that bidet is a much better and more efficient option for you. The benefits of bidet over wet wipes such as high efficiency, better hygiene, lower money investments, and a regulated plumbing system. So, if you have to choose between a bidet and wet wipes, always go for the bidet. If you have a tight budget, they buy a cheaper handheld bidet sprayer but do not stick with the wet wipes.  

How to Clean/wash handheld bidet

If you’re using a handheld bidet, bidet hose, or bum to wash after pooping, then it is necessary to clean your bidet or bum gun regularly. 

To clean your handheld bidet is very easy and not a difficult task that you bother. You need simple materials and tools to cleanse your bidet hose well and bum gun.

Here are the steps you take to clean your handheld bidet thoroughly.

Step #1 – Use the cleaning brush

First, brush with baking soda and water or cleaning detergent and scrub the bidet hose and sprayer thoroughly to remove dirt and dust. You can use any simple cloth cleaning or toothbrush for this.

Using natural cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, and lime are recommended. 

If you want extra cleaning of your handheld bidet, you may go to the next step.

Step #2 – Rinse out the bidet in the bathroom pot

If your bidet is very dirty and you need to clean it more thoroughly, then you need a pipe wrench to uninstall it from the main value.

After uninstalling your bidet sprayer, you can detach the bidet hose from the bidet head/ sprayer with the same tool/pipe wrench. After that, you use vinegar and water, mix water and vinegar equally in a bathroom pot and put your bidet hose and sprayer into the pot.

Let them in the pot for about 10 to 20 minutes, and after that, take them out and scrub with a brush or cloth to remove dirt. In the end, wash them with water.

After that, you need to reattach your bidet hose with a sprayer and attach it to the water supply. Now at the end, spray the bidet for 30 seconds to remove the stains and mud if any remain inside the bidet sprayer and hose. Your handheld bidet is clean and ready to use. 

Pros and Cons of a Handheld Bidet Sprayer

A handheld bidet is a great alternative for toilet paper. It is also a decent substitution for high-end bidet seats or stand-alone bidets.

There are a lot of factors about handheld bidet that calls for appreciation. However, the handheld bidet, like any other product, has pros and cons.

Following are the pros and cons of the handheld bidet to provide you with a brief overview of the product: 

Pros of handheld bidet  

Public opinion is that a handheld bidet is far better than toilet paper. But it is essential to consider what makes you buy a handheld bidet over other options. Here are the pros of a handheld bidet and the reasons that will make you buy a handheld bidet sprayer: 

No electricity uses 

A handheld bidet does not require an electric source or a power outlet. It is a product that is used manually. You have to attach it to the toilet water supply, and it is ready for you to use in just a couple of minutes.  

However, on the other hand, electric toilet seats or bidet seats will require a power outlet near the toilet. And most people do not have a power supply that is close to the toilet seat. So, you have to hire an electrician to help you out with the situation, which is pretty inconvenient and expensive.  

Space efficient  

If you have less space in your toilet or you just want a space-saving option that is aesthetically pleasing, then a handheld bidet is your best option. Being space efficient does not mean that it has fewer features. The handheld bidet is a small yet feature=packed product.  


Studies have shown that an average person uses a single toilet paper for at least 3 to 4 days. So, a total of 384 trees are required to produce enough toilet paper that the person can use over a lifetime. Multiply that with a million population, and you are looking at a million, so trees flushed down the drain.  

A handheld bidet eliminates the use of toilet paper. So, using a handheld bidet is far better for the environment than toilet paper.  


The best characteristic about a handheld bidet is that it is extremely cost-effective. You do not need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy a bidet. A handheld bidet is the best product for you if you have a tight budget or just want to buy something that requires less input and more output.  

Hygienic product  

Personal hygiene is a crucial factor for the good health of a person. A handheld bidet sprays the water directly onto the area, which requires cleaning, which makes it superior to toilet paper. You do not smear fecal bacteria around your body while using toilet paper.  

Cons of Handheld Bidet 

Now we have a brief introduction of the pros of the handheld bidet. It is time to look at things you may not like about handheld bidets.

Here are the cons that you should know about upfront: 

Cold water supply  

Handheld bidet only uses cold water for cleansing, which can be dreadful for some people. Particularly, during the cold season, it will be unfavorable to use cold water for cleansing.  


It is evident that when you try something new, it takes some time to get used to it. Likewise, if you are not accustomed, it may take you some time to use it properly. Most people get chaotic with various options; ultimately, they use toilet paper to avoid any mishap. 

Increased water bill.

Using a handheld bidet sprayer on a daily basis can increase your water bill amount. Most of the bidet will not cause a huge increase in the water bill, but others are less or more efficient, which can cause a disturbance.  

The handheld bidet uses more water force as they are non-electric, so they use the maximum home’s water pressure.  

In a Nutshell  

The handheld bidet is a modern, convenient toilet product that has caused a significant revolution. It is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain bidet. The handheld bidet sprayer is an affordable, hygienic, advanced, and perfect product for human use.

FAQ- Handheld bidet sprayer

Is a handheld bidet easy to install?

Yes, a handheld bidet is generally easy to install. It can be attached to the existing toilet water supply line and mounted on the toilet tank or wall.

How do you clean a handheld bidet?

To clean a handheld bidet, you can detach the nozzle and clean it with soap and water. You can also use a cleaning agent like vinegar or a commercial bidet cleaner.

How does a handheld bidet work?

A handheld bidet is a device that attaches to the toilet and allows the user to clean themselves with a spray of water. The device typically has a nozzle that can be aimed at the desired area, and a trigger or button that controls the flow of water.

Is it difficult to install a handheld bidet?

Installing a handheld bidet is usually a straightforward process that can be done without professional help. Most handheld bidets come with instructions and all the necessary hardware for installation.

Do I need any special plumbing to use a handheld bidet?

No, a handheld bidet typically connects to the same water supply as your toilet, so no special plumbing is required.

Can a handheld bidet be used by people with mobility issues?

Yes, a handheld bidet can be a great option for people with mobility issues who may have difficulty reaching or using traditional toilet paper.

Is it sanitary to use a handheld bidet?

Yes, using a handheld bidet is considered a more sanitary option than using toilet paper alone. The water from the bidet helps to remove bacteria and other contaminants, leaving the user feeling clean and refreshed.

Are handheld bidets expensive?

Handheld bidets are generally affordable and can be purchased for as little as $20. Higher-end models with more features may be more expensive.

Can a handheld bidet be used for other purposes besides cleaning after using the toilet?

Yes, a handheld bidet can be used for a variety of purposes, such as cleaning the bathtub or washing pets. Some models even come with attachments for these types of tasks.

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