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Bidet Hose- bidet hose, Tee and Bidet sprayer

You must have known about the bidet hose if you have a handheld bidet sprayer in your bathroom. Anyhow, if you don’t know much about bidet hoses or want to know more about bidet hoses, like; How to use a bidet hose? How to install or replace the bidet hose? Or want to know all about bidet hose. In this article, I will go to disclose all about bidet hose.

What is Bidet Hose

A bidet hose is a flexible and sturdy pipe/tube that is an essential component of a handheld bidet with 2-female 1/2-inch connectors. A handheld bidet is the fundamental type of bidet that is usually attached to the side of your toilet or hooked to your toilet tank. 

A handheld bidet has three essential parts that make it workable:

  • A Tee- for connecting Hose with the home water supply
  • A bidet hose
  • A bidet nozzle

What Material Bidet Hose Made of? 

The bidet hose comes in various materials, lengths, and diameters to fit any need and is easily connected with your home tools.

A standard bidet hose comprises two or three layers of different materials to make it more durable and leakproof. The most inner tube is synthetic rubber (EPDM), PVC. It is reinforced by braided stainless steel, nylon and polymer-coated fiber, making the Hose handle high temperature and pressure and preventing breakage and leakage.

Bidet Hose Size

The bidet hose is available in various sizes; it depends upon your need and how to use your handheld bidet for different purposes. You can use your handheld bidet to wash, bathe and clean the bathroom. 

If you want a hose to connect with the main valve to the T valve, then you may go for a 16-inch hose. However, it depends upon the distance of your toilet to the main valve, but anyhow you can measure exactly what is in according to your requirement. 

A bidet hose may serve different purposes, as discussed above; however, if you want to install a handheld bidet to wash your bum, the standard sizes are 48 inches to 60 inches. So, it all depends on your requirement for how long the bidet hose you need to install.

Bidet Hose Extension

Bidet Hose Extension

As many people asked about the bidet hose extension, the same question might have arisen in your mind. As discussed above that, a bidet hose is available in different sizes. With a handheld bidet, the bidet hose has a standard size of 48 to 60 inches. If you want to replace your handheld bidet hose with a long or short hose, you can purchase a new bidet hose according to your demand and install it with your handheld bidet. 

A bidet hose extension is available to connect the toilet T to the bidet fill valve. If you are using a skirted bidet model, you will need this bidet seat hose extension kit. Because these toilets have limited access to the fill valve, you’ll need an extension hose to connect your T-valve and bidet Hose. The kit works with any 7/8″ ballcock (US fill valve size).

How to Install or replace a bidet hose.

If your existing bidet hose stops working or you need to change the size of your existing bidet hose, you need to replace it with a new one. 

Step 1.

Once you have identified your particular need, you will purchase the bidet hose with rubber washers pre-installed at both ends.

Step 2.

The first thing that you need to do is turn off the water line and flush to empty the toilet tank. If any leftover water remains in the tank, use a sponge or towel to stop it and wring it out into the bowl.

Step. 3

Use a wrench to loosen the nut on the water line at the shut-off valve, then loosen the end of the water line connected to the tank. Place a towel beneath the water line to catch any drips.

Step 4. 

You will need to wrap some Teflon tape around the female thread on the tank to connect the T-valve to the fill valve under the toilet tank. You will need to position the switch where you desire. Put Teflon tape on the threads connecting to the side hose and attach it with a nut and a wrench.

Step 5.

Attach the flexible supply line to the bottom of the T valve by wrapping Teflon tape around its bottom thread.

Taking the blue caps off the ends of the body hose, attach one end of a bidet hose to an open end of the t-valve, and then connect the bidet spray head to the other end of the bidet hose. Your bidet hose is installed.

Step 6.

The last step is to turn on the water supply valve slowly and check for leaks as you turn it on. If there are any leaks, you can repair them with Teflon tape.

In case you are installing a new handheld bidet in your bathroom, you need to follow the following additional steps:

Mount the bidet sprayer.

Attach the bidet holster to the toilet hook with the provided screw. Lift the lid of the toilet tank to hang the toilet hook.

Put the bidet sprayer in the holster to use the bidet. Open the T-valve and press the button to start the flow of water. Pull the button back up when the flow stops and click it down.

Your handheld bidet is installed.

How to Use a Bidet Hose

Locate the bidet sprayer in the right place.

Once you have a bidet hose installed in your home, the first step to using it is to locate it in the right and handy place. It is usually located on the right side of your toilet, making it easy to access.

Turned on the water supply.

Now it is time for you to use the bidet hose. As a first step, you need to turn on the bidet sprayer’s water supply (T-valve) for water to flow through the sprayer. While the sprayer is not in use, a bidet T-valve prevents water pressure from building in the Hose. A T-valve is usually located under the toilet tank, attached to the toilet’s fill valve.

To turn on the T-valve, turn the handle to the ON position. So, the water supply is on, and you have to press the button of the sprayer head to spray the water. You may adjust the bidet sprayer pressure from the T-valve or by the sprayer’s button.

Aim the bidet sprayer 

Once you open the main water supply valve, the water will flow where you want to wash. The next step is to aim the bidet hose, so the sprayer sprays where you want it to.

While on a toilet, lower the bidet sprayer into the toilet bowl from the front side or back. It depends on whether you prefer to use the bidet from the backside or the front.

Now, aim the bidet and head to the target area. It can take some time to get used to using the bidet sprayer correctly. Make sure that you keep the bidet sprayer at a distance, so the dirty water does not fall on the bidet sprayer head.

Squeeze the trigger

When the nozzle head is positioned correctly, press the trigger lightly at first to start the flow of water. It would be best if you sprayed with a bidet hose at an angle since you want to spray. This will result in a cleaner environment. It will also prevent any splashback and is more comfortable and effective.

Wash where you want 

Now, you are ready to wash with the bum gun, grasp the bidet sprayer and reposition your hand to position the bidet head correctly and gently squeeze the trigger to start spraying to your target area. You can adjust the pressure of water from the bidet trigger by pushing high and low.

It may take a few attempts for most people to find the proper level of water pressure and angle. Don’t be tempted to use it a lot right away, but give yourself some time to become familiar with it. After you are finished and feel clean, release the trigger/button on the sprayer to stop the water flow.

Typically bidet hoses are attached to the side of the toilet or on the wall nearby using a screw-fixed mount.

The Bottom Line 

In conclusion, a bidet hose is an effective bathroom fixture used to wash your body. It is an excellent alternative to washing your body than others. It thoroughly cleanses you and helps you to prevent yourself from different infections and diseases. The bidet hose is used for many other purposes in your house. The bidet hose is an integral part of your handheld bidet and is used to wash your button while on the toilet. And as well as, you can use it as a shower and also clean your entire bathroom with it.


1. What’s a bidet hose?

A bidet hose is a toilet attachment that lets you clean yourself with water. It’s a great way to get a good clean, and it helps prevent infections.

2. How do I clean myself with a bidet hose?

You can clean yourself with a bidet hose in the shower, in the bathtub, and even in the pool.

3. How long do I need to use a bidet hose?

You should use a bidet hose for at least 30 seconds, but you can go longer if you like.

4. How do I find a bidet hose?

You can buy bidet hoses at any store that sells toilet accessories.

5. How do I clean a bidet hose?

You can clean a bidet hose by running it under the water and then drying it off with a towel.

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