all-inclusive guide to bidets for women- 7 Best Bidets For Women in 2023

Are you looking for a detailed answer to a wandering question in your mind about whether Bidet is safe for women or not? Are you looking for proof of how Bidet is more sanitary than toilet paper? and if your looking for best bidets for women? Then you are definitely in the right spot.

This article provides information on products that can promote vaginal health and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, addressing common concerns women may have regarding hygiene and infection prevention.

Let’s move forward to see the worth of Bidet for women and how it makes their life easy.

Bidet is undoubtedly the safest and most sanitary product for women. Women are more likely to get infected by the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. Moreover, a women’s skin is susceptible. Rubbing your skin with toilet paper doesn’t remove the bacteria and dirt from your skin altogether.

In return, it damages your delicate skin tissue, which results in burning, bleeding and rashes with the transfer of bacteria. Therefore, women need to think twice before deciding which product is better. Absolutely Bidet is the one!

This article covers all the Bidet for women that has a unique feminine wash and advanced functioning beneficial for females. We also have covered the in-depth answers to all the wandering questions in your mind. The benefits of these exotic bidet toilets are undoubtedly epic. Let’s move forward to get a detailed view of the Bidets for Women.

Are Bidets Sanitary For Females:

Comparatively, bidets are far more sanitary for females than toilet paper. A bidet can completely wash off the feces and remove the smell, which is not the case with toilet paper. Make sure the bidet is cleaned regularly; some bidets involve self-cleaning options, so do look out for that.

A well-sanitized bidet should be okay to use for women. When you use toilet paper, the fecal matter is not removed properly. Moreover, rubbing your skin regularly with toilet paper can remove the delicate skin of your anus, which results in bleeding and rashes.

Therefore, Dr. Evan Goldstein said that using a bidet is best to maintain your backside after using the toilet.

Bidets are undoubtedly the best choice for females to maintain their hygiene. Toilet paper doesn’t remove the bacteria present on the skin. In return, it causes more spread of bacteria and germs. It might lead to urinary tract infections. At the same time, the bidet properly cleans the skin by removing most of the bacteria and germs present on your skin.

It gives a hygienic wash without damaging the delicate parts of your skin and helps you get safe from any bacteria and infections. Bidet provides convenience during menstruation as well. During those days, the chance of exposure to bacteria and germs increases. It might be possible that get a urinary tract infection. Bidet helps you maintain your hygiene during that time and gives you a refreshing experience.

Are Bidets Safe For Women:

Many women constantly worry, “are bidets safe to use?.” the answer is Yes! There is no evidence proving that a bidet can cause serious injury or damage to a woman during her wash process. But ensure the standard way of cleaning, front to back, goes for bidets too. If washed this way, women can avoid infections caused down there by fecal matter.

Another thing to consider is temperature; hot water can create perianal burns. It is rare, but it is possible, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If anyone has UTIs, or yeast infections, you must know how painful it is. While washing, you must consider cleaning with water. Bidet is the safest option in this case. They help you to get relief from the pain and take off all the infection-causing germs and bacteria. Bidet is completely safe for your genitalia, and it doesn’t damage your delicate skin.

It helps to keep yourself healthy. Its special feature, termed feminine wash, provides proper cleaning of the vaginal area and doesn’t let the germs and infection-causing bacteria transfer from the anus to your vaginal area.

It provides a lot of convenience to pregnant ladies and is safe to use by them. It is handy and gives a lot of ease in dealing with hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid is one of the common issues most females face during pregnancy. It helps to relieve pain and maintains your hygiene most safely and more cleanly after labour. 

How To Use A Bidet For Females:

If you use a bidet for the first time, go through its functionality. It will be easy for you to use a bidet. While analyzing, flush the bidet and check the sprayer nozzle. This makes you know about the pressure of the nozzle and flush and lets you know how to position yourself.

If you don’t have a bidet seat, then, after getting done, stand up and straddle toward the bidet. Sit on the rim or squat to it. You must be facing toward the bidet so that you should know easily from where the water is coming. Operating the water pressure will become easy for you, and you can get a clean and refreshing experience.

Bidet with Feminine Wash:

  • At first, set the water temperature according to your desire with the control penal.
  • Position yourself on the bidet by sitting on the rim or squatting over it.
  •  According to the part you have to clean, select its mode.
  • The feminine wash is specially designed to clean your vaginal area.
  • After urinating, select feminine wash mode. That specifically targets your vaginal area and gives you a hygienic and refreshing wash.
  • If you have a dryer mode in your bidet, then dry yourself with that dryer.
  •  Otherwise, use a small toilet paper and dry your skin with it.
  •  Flush the bidet and sprayer nozzle with a low setting when you are all done.
  •  This will clean the nozzle and bidet and makes it hygienic to use after.

Benefits Of Using A Bidet For Women

No matter the kind of bidet, it is beneficial for women in many ways. Using bidets have more positive effects than using toilet paper. Constant usage of toilet paper can cause irritation and burning effects. Some of the common benefits women gain by using bidets are:

  • The bidets make the cleansing experience more hygiene for women, remove the bacteria from private parts, and don’t let those parts get exposed to different infection-causing germs.
  •  It helps relieve haemorrhoids and the pain caused by UTIs and bladder infections. 
  • During menstruation, smells and bad odors are produced, and the area is more likely to get infected by different bacteria. Due to this, the chances of getting a UTI increase.
  • The bidet provides proper cleansing and removes all the bacteria from the skin.
  • Cleaning with water keeps the germs away from you and aids you in living a healthy life.
  • During menstruation, when proper cleansing is done using a bidet, you are less likely to catch the infection and can maintain your vaginal health.
  •  The bidet toilet is the best product for women having a hemorrhoid.
  •  Pregnant women face the problem of hemorrhoids, and if you keep cleaning yourself with toilet paper, these mild causes burn and rashes.
  •  The warm and gentle water in the bidet help to get a refreshed, comfortable and less painful experience.
  •  Urinary tract infections and yeast might cause itching, unpleasant odor and discharge. The bidet reduces the chance of exposure to the bacteria that cause UTIs.
  •  It doesn’t prevent the disease. It gives a soothing and refreshed experience and removes some bacteria that cause UTIs.
  • It also helps to save trees and provide you safer and hygienic usage.

The best type of bidet for women includes a bidet with a feminine wash mode and a wide spray setting to get complete and refreshed cleansing.

Top 7 Best Bidets for Women

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Women can surely use any kind of bidet, but some are supposedly the best bidets for women due to their specific features.

Here I’m choosing these products because they have all the elements women require to maintain their personal hygiene.They provide a feminine wash that maintains your vaginal health. When you wipe off your skin with toilet paper, it damages your delicate skin, which results in bleeding and rashes.

If you want to care for your private parts properly, then bidets are undoubtedly a perfect choice. These products have excellent functionality and features with great quality. These products assure the quality of the product and provide you with the best. For women, these products have superior functionality with good quality.

Let’s see forward to this product and know how the features of these products provide you with a hygienic and refreshing wash.


1.TOTO Washlet C5  Dual-action spray.
Oscillating and pulsating features.
Warm bidet seat.
Self-controlled water and temperature setting.
Auto deodorizer.
Warm dryer.
Auto clean wand.
Electronic bidet seat.  
BioBidet USPA 6800U  
Dual nozzle.
Adjustable temperature and pressure control.
Contain a warm air dryer.
Auto deodorizer. Has sensor seats.
LED light.
Slow closing of Lid.  
Heated seats and warms water.  
3.Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-800Rear and front washing. 
Enema wash feature.
Pulsating and Oscillating spray options.
Five nozzle positions from different angles.
Heated seat. 
Adjustable temperature and pressure settings.
Warm air dryer.
4.Toto K300Dual action spray.
Adjustable water temperature and pressure.
Electronic bidet seat.
Warm air dryer Automatic deodorizer. Heated seat and temperature control feature.
5.LUXE Bidet Neo 185Dual nozzles for front and rear wash.
Feminine wash.
Hygienic nozzle guard gate.
Easy operating.  
6.Veken Non-Electric BidetThin and compatible
Two spraying modes.
Dual nozzles.
Adjustable pressure setting.
More durable.
Easy to install.  
7.Brondell Hand Held Bidet SprayerHas an ergonomic design.
Has precision sprayer.
Include quality components.
Easy to install.  

Both expensive and affordable bidets would be on the list below to provide a wider range of options for everyone.

Best Bidet Seats for Women:

Bidet seats are attachable seats that you can connect with your toilet. They have all the advanced functioning that you found in a bidet toilet. At the time, bidet seats were highly demanding because of their excellent functionality and features.

It provides feminine wash and other advanced functions that help you to keep yourself protected from all the bacteria and germs.

It also creates ease for pregnant ladies to get relief from hemorrhoids. The quality of these bidet seats is assured by its companies, and their features make your living easy and luxurious.

For women, these bidet seats are one of the most convenient and best options to maintain their hygiene and protect them from all kinds of germs and bacteria. Let’s look forward to this product and learn how they provide females with a hygienic and refreshing wash.

1. TOTO Washlet C5

This luxurious Toto Washlet by Japan’s largest toilet manufacturer Toto comes with a wireless remote to control your toilet.

This model provides a front cleanse option, also known as a feminine wash. The feminine wash feature sprays water from front to back (just like women require). The bidet seat also has an oscillating and pulsating feature, which means the nozzle can move back and forth and sprays at the required pressure. The wireless remote also provides extreme mobility for women if they are pregnant or have undergone surgery. 

Top Features

  • Provides heated seat for comfortable use.
  • A self-cleaning wand is available to sanitize itself.
  • Water is sprayed on the toilet bowl before use, making the surface slick and nonstick.
  • Has an air dryer with adjustable temperature to dry the skin right away.
  • Has air deodorizer to purify the air and remove odor after usage.


  • Warm water might stop after a minute
  • Does not provide an auto open and close lid feature for such a high price

2. BioBidet USPA 6800U

BioBidet USPA 6800U is another expensive yet one of the best bidets for women.

It has a dual nozzle feature for front and rear cleaning, front nozzle feature is specifically made for feminine cleansing. The pressure of the water is adjustable through the remote. Nozzle oscillation is also available for wider cleaning. The nozzles have a self-cleaning property, which is necessary for women to avoid bacterial infections.

Top Features

  • Has a built-in night light function for late-night trips to the washroom
  • Warm water and warm air-dryer for comfort
  • Three preset temperatures for a heated toilet seat
  • Has Child mode which includes child-friendly settings and makes this bidet a stand out from other


  • Plastic quality is not that good, it can have cracks in the long run
  • Hot water does not last longer than a minute

3. Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-800

ATS-800 is an affordable modern bidet with multiple features. This is the best of its price and perfect for women on a budget.

It has a feminine wash feature activated by controls given on the side. This feature will clean from front to back safely with a gentle stream. This cheap toilet consists of a self-cleaning nozzle made of stainless steel too.

Top Features

  • Has Turbo wash for power pressure.
  • A warm seat and warm air-dryer function are available.
  • Has a soft closing seat.
  • This avoids the loud noise that traditional toilet seats make.


  • Cheap quality plastic.
  • Weak air dryer, it might take a long time to dry the skin.

4. TOTO K300.

Toto k 300 is one of Toto’s most advanced and new washlet. Its features give a very refreshing and luxurious washing experience. It has a LED light attached that offers convenience to using the bath at night. It includes the adjustable water temperature and pressure mode. The automatic deodorizer keeps the air refreshed. It also contains a feminine wash. During menstruation, there are more chances of catching a urinary tract infection. This feminine wash cleans your skin and removes most of the disease-causing germs. it gives a hygienic and refreshing cleansing. Let’s look at its other general feature to get an in-depth knowledge about this product.

Top Features

  • It has an adjustable temperature system.
  • It has a dryer with it.
  • Its auto deodorizer keeps your bathroom air fresh and odor free.
  • Its electrical bidet seat.
  • It has a Feminine wash.
  • Its spray is dual-action.
  • It has a soft closing lid.


  • It is difficult to install.
  • It wastes a lot of water.

 Best Bidet Attachment for Women:

A bidet attachment is a small device you install on your existing toilet. This separate attachment is economical compared to a bidet seat and perfect for new to its customers. These bidet attachments also provide washing features with excellent quality. Although these attachments have fewer functions than the bidet seats, they are a lot of easy for women to operate. It is quite easy to handle and provides a powerful wash that helps you to remove all the bacteria and germs. You can easily maintain your hygiene during menstruation and pregnancy. Let’s move forward to know how these bidet attachments are helpful for women.

5. LUXE Bidet Neo 185

LUXE Bidet Neo 185 is a simple to use, luxurious-looking bidet attachment with features a bidet for women requires. It is handled by a knob control on the side of the seat with different functions. Neo 185 is a bit more advanced version of Neo 180 with a few differences.

This attachment comes with a dual nozzle, one of which is for feminine washing. This nozzle is aimed a bit higher making it easier for women to wash sensitive areas easily. The nozzle also has a clean mode to keep itself sanitized.

Top Features

  • The nozzles are retractable. Once the use of nozzles is complete, the nozzles go back behind a protective guard gate to keep the germs away.
  • Has a rear wash
  • Has an easy water pressure adjustment


  • No warm water function is available

6. Veken Non-Electric Bidet

Veken non-electric bidet is an economic bidet attachment yet it contains dual nozzles, one is used for thorough cleaning whereas another one is specifically designed for females for feminine cleansing. The water pressure can be controlled for women to adjust it however they want. This attachment contains self-cleaning nozzles to make each use safer and cleaner for the lady.

Top Features

  • ·Posterior wash for thorough washing of the entire area.
  • Brass quality instead of the plastic used for t-valve and water supply inlet to prevent leakage.
  • Cheaper compared to other bidet attachments


  • No temperature control, water can be very cold
  • Nozzles’ accuracy is not that great, some people complain about water splashing out of the toilet

Handheld Bidet for women

Handheld bidets are the most basic kind but also provide you with the most mobility out of all the bidets. All you have to do is connect the handheld bidet to the toilet’s valve and turn on the wall’s valve. The Bidet’s handle has a button you press for the water flow. The best handheld bidet for females is mentioned below:

7. Brondell Hand Held Bidet Sprayer.

Brondell Hand Held Bidet sprayer gives you full control over washing. Not just that, you can also change up the pressure while spraying. The hose is curved so it can reach any area easily for the cleaning process, that’s exactly what a female bidet needs. Brondell handheld bidet might not have that many features but it sure is beginner-friendly and economic.

Top Features:

  • The components used are of top quality, not cheap plastic.
  • Thumb control to increase or decrease water pressure.
  • Easy to install.


  • Can cause leakage issues according to the customers
  • Not that convenient for pregnant women

The Bottom Line:

Going through this article tells that how much bidet is safe for women.

It provides convenience in many ways. It helps women to keep themselves safe from all the infection-causing bacteria and germs. It gives ease to dealing with hemorrhoids and gently treats your skin.

While on the other hand, if a woman uses toilet paper, the chance of getting an infection increases.

Women’s skin is sensitive, and when you rub it with toilet paper, it might damage your delicate skin. This results in burning, bleeding, and rashes. Women nowadays are cautious about maintaining their health; therefore, a bidet is designed to give special convenience to women.

We can now say that bidets are the safest and perfect choice for women to maintain their hygiene and get refreshed washing.

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