What is Bidet? A Brief Overview of the Types and Important Benefits of Bidets.

What Is Bidet exactly?

If you have just heard the name of a bidet, then keep on reading to know all about what is a bidet?

In simple words, bidet is a bathroom fixture made up of porcelain and is used to wash the bottom, after the use of toilet.

Let us go into more detail. If you reside in the United States, you may not be aware of the bidet. Because in the USA, bidets are slowly becoming an essential part of modern bathrooms 

Perhaps you are familiar with bidets if you are from a European country.

Bidets that are typically used in Europe are standalone bidets, which are similar to washbasins and installed next to the toilet seat. They are used following the use of toilet to wash to genitals’. 

A bidet toilet seat is the most advanced form of bidet, as it comes with many modern features. The bidet toilet seat is a two-in-one fixture, in which you can clean yourself while sitting on the toilet seat after using the toilet. 

Another advancement in the bidet toilet seat is the bidet converter kit, this bidet attachment is attached with the existing toilet seat and work like a bidet toilet seat.  In addition to this, a hand held bidet (sprayer) is another option for adding a bidet to a toilet with water pressure, and they are also one of the most affordable bidet add-ons.

Bidets are excellent for those who want to make their home more eco-friendly and green by using less water. Bidets are known for reducing waste as well. By flushing the toilet from time to time, bidets cut down on your ‘household’s overall water consumption while also saving money on toilet paper.

What are the different types and functions of bidets?

1. Stand-Alone Bidets

The primary kind of bidet is the type you will see throughout Europe or Asia since they have been around for many centuries. The term “stand-alone” bidet as it’s an independent device that is not connected to the toilet bowl in the bathroom. It’s usually located next to each other. This bidet may be fixed to the wall as a urinal or placed on the floor, similar to an ordinary toilet. It is also apart from the bowl in which you perform your delicate work. Although the price may be less high for ceramic bidets, they do have disadvantages. They generally consume larger spaces and are not suitable for modern bathrooms and designs for homes. They also require plumbing fixtures that are separate to function and supply you with water. Finally, it can cause a mess since it requires you to transfer the toilet bowl to the bidet to wash

2. Portable Travel Bidets

This kind of bidet is available and ideal for those who frequently travel or those constantly on the move. While it’s an affordable option, it might be strange or uncomfortable for certain people. This resembles an ordinary water bottle, with the nozzle extended or angle on the top to allow the spray to function. The primary drawback to portable bidets is that you have to refill them by using water from your faucet each time you make use of them. Bottle bidets are also available with electronic versions. They run on batteries and offer a fine spray to standard ones.

3. Spray Bidets

Beside a mounted bidet and portable bidet there is another type of bidet, that is bidet sprayer. It is true that, unlike the portable bidet, you can’t take it to wherever you travel. It’s essentially a hose connected to the toilet’s plumbing and a sprayer attached to the other side.

A spray-type can be a good choice for most people because it offers users greater flexibility in controlling water flow. It also lets users be more in control of the pressure of water. In addition, they’re easy to install reasonably priced, and you can even install them yourself, as well.

Bidet sprays are the best option for people recovering from injuries or those with conditions that restrict their movement. They are also great for older people as they have greater freedom in the bathroom.

4. Toilet Built in Bidets

If you can choose, why don’t you opt for a toilet with a built-in bidet instead of trying to select each separately? Also called combo toilets, this type of toilet combines a toilet and a bidet integrated into one unit as a seamless device. It’s basically a seat for a toilet with strategically placed spray jets that are angled to assist you in getting yourself clean.

Modern design and contemporary style offer more outstanding performance and come with many options that aren’t available in other bidet types. A few of these features include heated seats, or the toilet’s rims, controlled pressure and temperature, and warmer air dryers, just to mention some. In certain Asian countries, other models also have an added musicality feature. It’s not surprising then that Built-in Bidets can be more expensive due to the numerous options. In addition, the need for electricity to enable these devices to function could also be a problem for many users.

5. Bidet Converter Kit

Bidet converter kit is the type of bidet can be placed in a snug place under the seat and over an existing toilet bowl, so they have the name. They are usually affordable, attractive, and offer the same health and environmental-friendly benefits as a traditional bidet. Although they are more affordable, they lack certain features typically found in the toilet seat bidet model, like temperature control. However, homeowners will find many designs offered on the market. So if you’re searching for the most basic features, this is an excellent choice.

Benefits You Can Enjoy After Having a Bidet.

1. Most Economical as compared to Tissue Paper

Toilet Paper is an essential part of our hygiene in our daily life. However, many people do not like how it feels something on their hands and sometimes their clothes. A Bidet converter kit is an alternative to ordinary toilet paper that can be used in bathrooms, cars, showers, offices, or any other areas where you want to wash your body without having to worry about wiping yourself down properly with toilet paper. In addition, these kits can save time and money because they allow you to avoid replacing toilet paper every day.

2. Price. 

In term of price, the budget and price factor is the paramount consideration for anyone while buying a new appliance. Such as Bidet. For someone, he just thinks about how much money he would have saved had he purchased an automatic washer/dryer instead of a manual model. If you really intend to buy a bidet. Then you can plan for it and save hundreds of dollars over several years by purchasing a bidet from one of many manufacturers that offer discounts to qualified customers. Thus, it is important to compare products carefully until you find the one that meets your needs.

3. Ease of Cleaning

 Bidets are convenient because they allow you to clean your body at once. In addition to cleaning your genitals and anal sphincters, it also eliminates germs (including bacteria). All of this contributes enormously to maintaining a healthy mind and body. 

4. Water Flush Technology

Bidets with flush-style technology are undoubtedly convenient for users who enjoy flushing their toilets after sitting down. As a result, your body waste flows away from the washroom area, allowing you to easily wash off the residue before leaving the house. Furthermore, since there will be nothing visible coming out, you won’t have to worry about exposing anyone else to your bodily secretions.

5. Cost-efficient 

 With a bidet, you can potentially save up to 70 percent on paper towels. Toilet paper can become scarce during a crisis. It is even more difficult to purchase toilet paper in situations such as snowstorms or pandemics.

6. Less clogged toilets 

Many people understand the frustration of a toilet that won’t flush properly after using it, especially if they used toilet paper afterward. Using a bidet after you use the toilet will prevent this situation.

7. Eco-friendly

A roll of toilet paper takes 1.5 pounds of wood to produce. Bathrooms with bidets are more environmentally friendly. By using them, you help to protect our planet.

8. Comfortable and gentler 

Bidets emit a gentle stream of water through a stream that allows you to clean your posterior without causing any anal fissures or hemorrhoids. The skin around the anus is susceptible


Many people don’t know that there are numerous bidets before deciding on one. It’s all dependent on the features you’d like as well as your budget and the size of your bathroom.Whichever kind of bidet you pick, you’ll be able to accept that it will help you save money over the long term. You will also be cleaner and, what’s more, important is that you support the environment, too.

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