7 Best Toilet for Flushing Large Waste in 2023

If you’re looking for a best toilet for flushing large waste, then flushing power is an essential factor to consider. No one wants to deal with clogs, backups, or low-flow problems that can cause inconvenience and frustration.

Fortunately, there are many high-quality toilets on the market that offer powerful flushing capabilities and efficient water usage. In this article, we will explore the best seven super flushing toilets available today.

These toilets are designed with advanced technology that allows them to provide a powerful flush while using minimal water. These toilets are ideal for households with large families, busy bathrooms, or anyone who wants to enjoy a clean and comfortable bathroom experience.

Our review will highlight the features of each toilet, including the flushing power, water efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance, and overall design.

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Whether you’re renovating your bathroom, upgrading your toilet, or building a new home, finding the right toilet can make a significant difference in your daily life.

With our guide, you can choose from the best seven super flushing toilets on the market and enjoy a stress-free, efficient, and comfortable bathroom experience for years to come.

TOTO CST746CEMG 01DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSHWaterSense, CALGreen, and CEC standardsHigh-quality ceramic materialCEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, chrome-plated left-hand trip lever, soft-close seat option, easy to clean
Kohler K-3999-0Class Five Flushing TechnologyEPA guidelinesHigh-quality chinaDurable and crack-resistant, BVR rating of 9.0 for bowl cleanliness, affordable, noisy, 2-piece design
American Standard Champion 4Gravity flush with accelerator flush valveNot EPA-compliantEverClean glazeLargest flush valve in its class, slow-close toilet seat, clog-free performance, available in 3 colors
WOODBRIDGE T-0019Siphon flushing systemWaterSenseCeramic materialOne-piece design, fully concealed trap-way, comfort height seating, quiet and powerful flush
Swiss Madison SM-1T112Dual Tornado Flush SystemWaterSense, CALGreen, and CEC standardsCeramic materialSoft closing seat, quick release seat, fully glazed trap-way, sleek design
Kohler K-5401-0Touchless flushing technologyEPA guidelinesCeramic materialSelf-cleaning wand, nightlight, heated seat, automatic deodorization, quick-release seat
TOTO MS854114ELG#01Double Cyclone Flushing SystemWaterSenseCeramic materialElongated bowl, SoftClose seat, SanaGloss ceramic glaze, ADA compliant, chrome trip lev

1.TOTO Drake Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush

The newly improved Drake Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush Toilet by TOTO is equipped with high-end features such as CEFIONTECT and DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH, which help to reduce the need for frequent toilet cleanings and minimize the use of harsh chemicals and water. It is a powerful and durable toilet suitable for both residential and commercial use, combining enhanced design and functionality.

To complete the set, you can add a SoftClose seat or upgrade with an electronic WASHLET bidet seat. This toilet is manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure its longevity and durability.

Its flushing system meets the WaterSense, CALGreen, and CEC standards and guidelines, making it an eco-friendly option. The sleek design and color variants make it easy to coordinate with any bathroom decor.

The new Drake toilet offers a comfortable design and space-saving benefits. It provides a comfortable sitting area like a traditional elongated toilet while offering similar space savings as a round toilet.

The measurements are based on previous Drake toilet models and are estimations for standard dimensions. You can save valuable space without compromising on comfort with this toilet.


  • Chrome plated left hand trip lever
  • CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze to prevent debris and mold
  • 360 degree cleaning power
  • Dynamax Tornado Flush technology
  • Easy to clean surface


  • Seat Not Included

Kohler K-3999-0 Highline 

Kohler is a world-renowned brand that is synonymous with high-quality products, and the Highline is no exception.

Crafted from high-quality china, this floor-mounted toilet is both durable and crack-resistant.

Installing the Kohler Highline is a breeze, and users typically do not face any difficulties during the process. Plus, the Highline’s reasonable price doesn’t come at the cost of performance.

One of the standout features of the Kohler Highline is its powerful flushing system. Using Class Five flushing technology, this toilet creates a strong siphon during flushing that prevents clogging and streak marks.

Although it’s not the most water-efficient option, the Highline still falls within EPA guidelines and saves up to 16,000 gallons of water per year, using only 1.28 gallons per flush.

One downside that is noticed by some users is that it can be a bit noisy. However, its two-piece design makes it lighter than a one-piece toilet, which simplifies the installation process.

The Highline’s three-bolt quick-connect technology further streamlines installation. All in all, the Kohler Highline is an excellent option for those in search of a high-quality, efficient, and affordable flushing toilet.


  • Class Five flushing technology
  • Powerful flushing system and affordable cost
  • High-quality material,
  • Durable and crack resistant.
  • The toilet is water-efficient
  • BVR rating of 9.0 for bowl cleanliness
  • Overall satisfaction rating of 8.6.


  • Bit overpriced
  • The toilet tends to be a little noisy.
  • The two-piece design of the toilet makes it slightly difficult to clean
  • Although the toilet is water-efficient, it is not the most water-efficient option available.

American Standard Champion 4

Get ready to experience the ultimate waste-eradicating machine with the American Standard Champion 4 toilet! This powerful toilet boasts a massive accelerator flush valve of 4 inches, making it the largest of all toilets in its class. It uses a gravity flush system with a siphon-action bowl that propels waste at a cyclonic speed, guaranteeing a clean and robust flush every time.

With a fully glazed siphon trapway measuring a whopping 2 3/8 inches, the Champion 4 removes an impressive 70% more solid waste than any other toilet in its class. The toilet surface is also coated with the special EverClean glaze, which blocks the growth of stains and odor-causing bacteria, ensuring the toilet’s durability and longevity.

Even though it’s not EPA-compliant, the American Standard Champion 4 still saves water compared to standard toilets, using only 1.6 gallons per flush.

It’s available in three different colors and two different heights, including a comfortable ADA-height compliant option that makes sitting down and standing up a breeze. The elongated seat provides added comfort, and the one-piece design makes cleaning and installation a breeze.

But wait, there’s more! The Champion 4 also comes with a slow-close, slam-proof toilet seat, ensuring a peaceful and quiet bathroom experience. With its high customer rating, Amazon reviewers can’t stop raving about the Champion 4’s powerful flushing system and high-quality material.

Get your hands on the American Standard Champion 4 toilet and experience the ultimate waste-eradicating machine for yourself!


  • Clog-free performance
  • The 16-1/2″ rim height of the Chair Height toilet
  • Special EverClean glaze coating
  • The innovative slow-close toilet seat


  • Not EPA-compliant
  • Some reviewers mention that the flush can be noisy
  • The Champion 4 is not the cheapest option on the market

WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Toilet

The WOODBRIDGE One-Piece Toilet is a perfect addition to any modern bathroom with its luxurious and sleek design. The one-piece design makes it easy to clean and maintain, with a smooth surface that doesn’t collect dust. The fully concealed trap-way and no large mounting holes give it a clean and streamlined look.

This toilet also features a siphon flushing system that ensures a quiet and powerful flush without any clogs or leaks. With a maximum performance flush score of 1000 grams, it is highly recommended and will not disappoint. The comfort height design with chair-height seating also makes it easier for most adults to sit down and stand up.

The high-end soft closing toilet seat with stainless steel durable seat hinge adds to the luxurious experience of this toilet. It is easy to get the toilet seat off to tighten or clean after years of use.

The all-in-one package includes everything you need for installation, including a pre-installed soft-closing toilet seat, pre-installed water fitting, high-quality wax ring, floor bolts, and installation instructions. It even comes with a special hand wrench tool to easily tighten the bolts in narrow spaces.

This toilet is also certified for efficiency and compliance with US and Canada UPC and CSA standards. It is WaterSense certified and meets or exceeds ANSI Z124.1 and ANSI A112-19.7 standards. The product is approved and meets the Massachusetts Plumbing and Gas Code.

In conclusion, the WOODBRIDGE One-Piece Toilet is a high-quality and well-designed product that is worth the investment. With its easy to clean surface, powerful flush, and luxurious features, it is a perfect addition to any modern bathroom.


  • Powerful and quiet flushing mechanism
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable height Sleek design
  • High-quality materials
  • Comes with all installation components:


TOTO Drake Two-Piece Elongated Toilet CST776CSFG#01

TOTO’s Drake Toilet is a highly customizable option to meet your specific needs and complement your bathroom decor.

The Drake is available in a variety of options, including standard or Universal Height, 1.28 or 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF), 10 or 12-inch rough-in sizes, and with trip levers located on the left or right side of the tank.

It features TOTO’s TORNADO FLUSH, a rimless, hole-free design with dual-nozzles that creates a centrifugal washing action that assists in rinsing the bowl more efficiently.

The Drake also comes in round or elongated models with both single and dual flush options. The Universal Height models are capable of meeting the ADA height requirement, making it more comfortable for a wider range of individuals.

The Drake’s design features a rimless, hole-free bowl and ultra-smooth CEFIONTECT glaze that minimizes waste from sticking so that it is easily washed away, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.


  • Standard size fit most bathrooms in the United States
  • The TORNADO FLUSH system ensures a powerful flush with minimal water consumption
  • The CEFIONTECT glaze prevents waste from sticking and makes cleaning easier
  • Comfortable, universal height seating position
  • Affordable compared to other models with similar features


  • Uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush, which is higher than some newer models
  • The toilet does not have the sleek design of the TOTO Drake II model

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 – Super Flush Toilet

Introducing the ST Tropez one-piece elongated toilet – the perfect blend of style and function! This eye-catching toilet boasts a seamless design with a powerful flushing system, made from durable ceramic material.

With its dual flush system, you can choose between partial and full flushes for water conservation.

One of the most striking things about the ST Tropez is its clean, modern design that fits right into any contemporary bathroom. Despite its tall height, it’s still quite compact, with a slimline tank that makes it an excellent choice for small bathrooms.

But that’s not all – this toilet comes with a slow-closing, comfortable toilet seat that eliminates loud slams, making it ideal for cold, silent nights. It’s also safe for young and elderly users, thanks to the quick-release toilet seat that has durable, chrome hinges. Cleaning this toilet is a breeze, too – just remove the seat and get to work!

The fully skirted trapway of the ST Tropez ensures that there are no clogging or leaking issues, and installation is made easy thanks to special holes added to reach the bolts. Plus, the toilet comes with a wax ring, necessary installation hardware, and a one-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

But what really sets the ST Tropez apart is its Vortex flush technology, which has powerful dual noses to keep the elongated bowl clean compared to standard rim holes. All in all, the ST Tropez one-piece elongated toilet is a stylish and functional addition to any modern bathroom. Don’t hesitate – get yours today!


  • Modern and sleek
  • Quick release and slow close seat
  • Dual-flush options
  • Comfort height seating
  • Fully skirted trapway
  • Vortex flush technology
  • Easy to install with special holes added to reach the bolts
  • One year limited warranty and necessary installation hardware


  • May be expensive compared to other toilet models
  • May be heavy and difficult to maneuver during installation
  • Glossy white finish

American Standard 2922A104.020 Townsend Vormax Right Height Elongated Toilet, White

This stunning toilet combines modern style with superior functionality to provide a comfortable and efficient bathroom experience.

One of the standout features of this toilet is its powerful flush, which utilizes patented technology to send twice as much jetted water to the rim, ensuring a clean bowl every time. And with a 12-inch rough-in, it’s a perfect fit for most standard bathroom installations.

But that’s not all – this toilet is also environmentally friendly, with WaterSense certification that ensures it uses 20% less water than regular toilets, without sacrificing performance. And at a comfortable chair height of 17 inches, it’s perfect for those who desire ease of use compared to standard height toilets. It even meets Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for use and accessibility.

American Standard is so confident in the quality of this toilet that it offers an industry-leading warranty. With a lifetime warranty of chinaware, 10 years on mechanical parts, and 1 year on the seat, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Not only is this toilet functional and efficient, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom with its beautiful design. The CleanCurve Rim and EverClean Surface make it easier to clean and maintain, ensuring your toilet looks great for years to come. Plus, it’s designed to coordinate beautifully with the Townsend Collection.


  • The patented VorMax flushing technology
  • CleanCurve Rim and EverClean Surface
  • Uses 20% less water than regular toilets
  • The toilet is ADA-compliant and measures 17″ tall


  • Loud flush
  • Some users have noted that the seat is minimally comfortable
  • High price


Choosing the right toilet that can flush large waste can be a daunting task. However, with the above list of the best seven super flushing toilets, one can make an informed decision. These toilets have proven to be efficient in handling large waste, and they come in different designs, sizes, and prices to fit different preferences and budgets.


What makes a toilet good for flushing large waste?

A toilet’s ability to flush large waste depends on the size of the trapway and the flushing system. A large trapway (at least 2 inches) allows for a smoother passage of waste, while a powerful flushing system ensures that waste is effectively removed from the bowl.

Are super flushing toilets expensive?

Not necessarily. While some models may come at a higher price, there are affordable options that still offer excellent flushing performance.

Can I install a super flushing toilet on my own?

It is possible to install a toilet on your own, but it is recommended to hire a professional plumber to ensure proper installation and avoid any plumbing issues.

How often do I need to maintain my super flushing toilet?
Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your toilet continues to function correctly. This includes cleaning the bowl and tank, checking for leaks, and replacing any worn-out parts.

Do super flushing toilets use more water?

Not necessarily. Some models come with low-flow options that use less water, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective. It’s important to check the toilet’s specifications before purchase to ensure that it meets your water-saving needs.

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