Kids, Cats, and Toilet Paper: The Best Ways to Prevent Toilet Paper Rolls from Unrolling

Cat and toilet papers

Have you ever had the urge to use the toilet strongly enough to step into the bathroom and discover that your your cat has unrolled your toilet paper into a massive mound, torn it up, and drooled on it?

Why Do Cats Enjoy Rubbing and Unrolling Toilet Paper All Over?

The end of a toilet paper roll is good prey for cats, since they’re hunters. Attacking it naturally causes it to unfold, which increases the fun.

Because she doesn’t have enough other opportunities to exercise her hunter instincts, gets bored when you’re working during the day or sleeping at night, or just because she’s discovered that it works, your cat may be fixated on the toilet paper.

How Should You Safeguard Your Toilet Paper?

Likely, you don’t want to have to spend extra money on toilet paper every week or spend an hour a day picking up teeny toilet paper shreds from all over.

What Can You Then Do?

Here are some pointers for keeping your TP safe:

  • Keep the bathroom door locked to prevent your cat from accessing the toilet paper.
  • Use a cat guard to keep your cat from destroying your toilet paper roll.
  • Give your cat plenty of opportunities for interactive play so she can engage her natural hunting instincts without creating a mess or wasting toilet paper.
  • Wand toys offer cats a tremendous outlet for their physical and mental energy by allowing them to pretend to be predators. They promote strong bonds between you and your cat because they are only meant for usage under supervision.
  • When you’re not home, give your cat food puzzle toys or toys that mimic prey automatically to keep her occupied and away from the alluring toilet paper roll.
  • Hide your cat’s regular chow throughout the house. By dividing up your cat’s daily serving of kibble and hiding it in various locations throughout the house, you may give her something to “hunt” for, which will keep her occupied and active.

Even if you’re not significantly disturbed by your cat’s toilet paper shenanigans, you should try to stop them. It may result in a medical issue if your cat actually ingested a lot of toilet paper, which is uncommon but possible.

Now, if you have followed all the precautions mentioned above and nothing seems to work in your favor, what must you do next? Some unique toilet paper holders discourage paper tearing by both children and cats. Let’s find out these products below.

1. Pacific Blue Ultra 8″ High-Capacity Automated Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

Pacific Blue Ultra Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser
Pacific blue toilet paper Dispenser

Pacific Blue Ultra Automated and Mechanical Paper Towel Dispensers are manufactured by the same company that produces enMotion products. This dispenser offer one-at-a-time enclosed dispensing, so you only touch the paper towel you use.

This reduces waste, and the risk of cross-contamination is reduced because contact with the dispenser is diminished. Dispensed towels are cleaner and more sanitary than stacked folded towels and help reduce maintenance. you can’t grab stacks of dispensed towels like they can fold towels, so you won’t see them ending up all over the floor.

This dispenser is also built to withstand heavy use and has a 5-year warranty.

More about Pacific Blue Ultra 8″ High-Capacity Automated Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

  • Hands-free hygiene motion-activated touchless dispenser
  • Large Capacity: 1150-foot towel rolls last longer, requiring less maintenance and reducing refill frequency.
  • Easy Refilling: A wall-mounted towel dispenser with an easy-access front cover that opens 180°
  • Durable dispenser: designed to withstand heavy use and backed by a 10-year warranty
  • Refill options are flexible, providing white or brown paper towels and 3-Roll or 6-Roll cases.

2. San Jamar Oceans Plastic Towel Dispenser

Sam jamer classic toilet paper holder
Sam jamer classic toilet paper holder

By limiting customer contact through the use of minimal touch or touchless dispensers, San Jamar Oceans Plastic Towel Dispenser is a high-quality hygiene standard for guests and customers are maintained.

Hands-free dispensing of 10″ portions of paper towel rolls is provided by a Simplicity Essence towel dispenser. You only need to grab the paper towel they need without coming into contact with any of the dispenser’s components.

The Simplicity Essence paper towel dispenser is made of impact-resistant plastic and has a compact design. This wall-mounted paper towel dispenser has an integrated lock that can be opened with the universal waffle key for quick loading paper towels.

More about San Jamar Oceans Plastic Towel Dispenser

  • Touchless, automatic precision mechanical cutting dispenses 10″ (254 mm) portions of roll towel.
  • No batteries required – easy operation and maintenance
  • Fast paper delivery – no need to wait for the sensor

3. ME339 Cute Animal Toilet Paper Holder

ME339 Cute Animal Toilet Paper Holder Cat Black
ME339 Cute Animal Toilet Paper Holder Cat Black

A charming cat paper holder cover is now available in black on amazon at a reasonable price. It is in a cat shape design that looks more promising to keep in your toilet. Your cat can be set up with ease if it has a glossy texture. That’s just some; the product installation is simple with Velcro. It is from the Meiho Brand.

More about ME339 Cute Animal Toilet Paper Holder

  • The Polyester Material makes it work more effectively.
  • The glossy finish type prevents it from getting wet.
  • You can install it yourself with the self-adhesive installation.
  • The beautiful and anime cat black color will appeal the most if you are thinking of buying to keep your toilet paper safe from the cats.
  • The size and dimensions of this item are W 15.5 x D 5 inches (W 6.1 x D 2.2 x H 14.6 inches).

4. Oceanair Marine Dryroll Protective Toilet Roll Dispenser

Oceanair Marine Dryroll Protective Toilet Roll Dispenser
Oceanair Marine Toilet Roll Dispenser

Oceanair Marine Dry roll is a watertight tissue dispenser perfect for shower/head combos and preventing your cats and kids from unrolling the toilet paper. A neat, straightforward dry roll will replace wet toilet paper, offering the best option for those who must be tired of fixing their toilet paper after their cats have unrolled it all. Dry roll is available in White to match the interior of your aesthetic toilet.

More About Oceanair Marine Dryroll Protective Toilet Roll Dispenser

  • This toilet paper is waterproof when shut,
  • It has an excellent mechanism for automatic paper delivery and rewinding.
  • This dry roll is made up of ABS plastic that is durable, hygienic, and simple to clean.
  • The installation of Oceanair marine dryroll is simple, and all mounting hardware is provided
  • The size and dimensions of the product are: 7.6″L x 4″ W.
  • It is also very reliable for those who travel primarily by sea. It is a perfect tool for your marine toilet.

5.  Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder by Aislent

Self Adhesive Toilet paper holder by Aislant
Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder by Aislant

Ailsent brings you a new and improved self-adhesive toilet paper holder. This toilet paper is not only cat-proof, but also it is waterproof. This roll paper dispenser is a multifunctional, aesthetic, wall-mounted bathroom tissue box that will save you from seeing the unpleasant scenario of unrolled toilet paper by your kids or cats.

More about Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder by Aislent

  • This toilet paper holder contains the significant and dual capacity to hold any xl size of toilet paper.
  • It is easy to mount and install.
  • You can install it yourself.
  • Works as a smallholder, and you can put your mobile, watch, or any decoration like a small and light flower vase on it.
  • It is waterproof.

6.   AOJEZOR Small Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet

AOJEZOR-Small-Bathroom-Storage-Corner Floor Cabinet with Doors and Shelves
AOJEZOR-Small-Bathroom-Storage-Corner Floor Cabinet with Doors and Shelves

This Small Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet by AOJEZOR is a thin, narrow, and intelligent toilet vanity cabinet. It comes with doors and shelves to keep your important stuff inside. It is a bath sink organizer with towel storage and works best for preventing your cats from messing up with toilet paper. It has an excellent, multifunctional toilet paper holder that keeps your toilet papers safe, clean, and out of the reach of your kids and cats..

More about Small Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet

This bathroom storage cabinet is ideal for tight areas. Use this narrow bathroom cabinet to accommodate your storage needs if your bathroom is cramped. This small bathroom storage cabinets make it simple to organize your bathroom and maintain it well-stocked.

This toilet paper cabinet has a flip-up top shelf that can be raised to insert a fresh roll into the dispenser. It is simple to replace toilet paper rolls and is the ideal size to hold a cell phone. The inner moveable shelf, which is 21.6 inches high and has a toilet brush or plunger, can be removed and used to store up to five rolls of toilet paper.

  • The bottom of this toilet storage cabinet has raised feet to keep it rise from toilet floor and dry.
  • The slatted design promotes air circulation through its airy look and prevents your rolls from becoming damp.
  • It is made from waterproof PVC that is easy to clean and perfect for bathroom storage.
  • It has three open shelves and offers a lot of storage space.
  • It can also hold a small plant stand, TP, candles, wipes, and a cell phone.
  • It has also has a shutter door, perfect for concealing more bathroom supplies.
  • A great bathroom organizer will make it simpler for a busy household to keep things organized.

Summing Up…………….

If you have tried and tested everything to keep your cat from playing and unrolling the toilet paper and are unsuccessful, here are some products you can consider. These products keep your toilet paper safe from getting ruined or unrolled by your kids and cats. Seeing messed-up toilet paper is normal if you are a cat parent. Try any of these products to save yourself from rolling or buying new toilet paper every time.

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